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To set unparalleled standards of career-oriented IT education and molding high quality man power pool for all levels of India's fastest growing industry.To be a premier educational institute generating readily employable skilled manpower in compliance with the international standards to help our students build world class careers.

It is our policy to provide quality services on a best effort basis to satisfy the stated and implied needs of our students.

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Training Methodology

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Why S&H Courses?

We always comply with quality standards. we incorporate technological advancements for efficient performance in service delivery. We ensure continuous improvement focused on students needs. We develop highly motivated and skilled personnel.

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Scope of Training

Organizations find it increasingly difficult to stay competitive in today’s global economy. Leaders in the workplace are using benchmarking, competency, competency models, and competency studies to help make human resource decisions, such as IT, hiring, training, and promotions. In Information Technology, Robotics and cloud, it is helpful for competencies to focus on knowledge, skills and/or abilities.

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S&H Hightech Solutions member always willing to place our trainee in world most reputed organizations. All members give his 100% effort to get hands on experience for every world most recent technologies like SAP, SAP, Oracle AppFusion, Android Application Development, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Business Analytis, Reasearch Analytics.

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Professional Training Modules

Module Topics Fee Durations
Core Java Basics of Java,JVM, JRE, OOPS, Exception, Thread, JDBC, GUI Progrmming 8000 2 Months
Advance Java Servlet, JSP, Hybernate, Spring, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, Jquery, JS 10000 2 Months
Core Python Basics of Python, Statement, List, tuple, Dictionary, Exception, File handling 10000 2 Months
Advance Python-Data Science Pandas, NumPy and IPython 12000 2 Months
Advance Python-Web Development HTML, CSS Flask SQL ORMs, APIs JavaScript Front Ends Django Testing, CI/CD Guests from GitHub, Travis Scalability Security 12000 2 Months
.NET(DOTNET) Dotnet Framework, Visual Studio, Version, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Linq, SQLSERVER, Jquery, Javascript, JSON, TypeScript, AngularJs, NodeJS, MVC, Cloud, Azure, Web services, WCF, WPF 12000 4 Months
Andoid App Development Android Introduction, Android Widgets, Activity and Intents, Android Fragments, Android Menu, Android Service, Android AlarmManager, Android Storage, Android SQLite, XML and JSON, Android Multimedia, Android Speech, Android Telephony, Android Device, Camera Tutorial, Sensor Tutorial, Android Graphics, Android Animation, Android Web Service, Google Map, Adding Ads 18000 2 Months
R programming Introduction R Nults and Bolts (I), R Nults and Bolts (II) Getting Data In and Out of R Control Structures and Functions, Loop Functions, Data Manipulation (dplyr, reshape2 packages) String Operations (stringr package), Packaging, Debugging and Object Oriented Programming Data Visualization (ggplot2 package), Clustering, Regression and Classification, Data Analytics Case, Study Project Presentation, SQL Server, Oralce, MySQL, DB2 with R 10000 2 Months
Excel+MIS+VBA+Macros Basic Excel+Advance Excel, MIS(Management Information System), Reporting, Dashboarding, Business Analytics, Research Analytics 8000 4 Months
Web Design Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Node JS, JSON 12000 6 Months
OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Programmer) Java Basics, Working With Java Data Types, Using Operators and Decision Constructs, Creating and Using Arrays, Using Loop Constructs , Working with Methods and Encapsulation, Working with Inheritance , Handling Exceptions , Working with Selected classes from the Java API 10000 2 Months
MCAD Developer Certification Training Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 10000 3 Months
(OCA) Oracle Certified Associate Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement, Learn to Restrict and Sort Data, Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output, Describe the differences between single row and multiple row functions, Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions, Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions, Display Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins, Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries, Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables, Create a simple and complex view, Retrieve data from views, Create, maintain, and use sequences, Management of Schema Objects, Query External Tables, Install your Oracle Software 8000 2 Months
(OCM) Oracle Certified Master Server Configuration Enterprise Manager Grid Control Managing Database Availability Data Management Data Warehouse Management Performance Management Grid Infrastructure and ASM Real Application Clusters Data Guardg 12000 3 Months
Oracle PL/SQL Developer-Associate Learning to design, build and manage database applications in Oracle 11g Writing PL/SQL codes for developing stored procedures, triggers and packages Managing and creating database sequence, synonym and tables Improving data security, performance and integrity Use SQL developer for manipulation and retrieval of data efficiently Various PL/SQL sections like Declaration, Execution, and Exception Handling SQL command major groups – DDL, DML, DCL and TCL. Prepare for Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate 12000 3 Months
SQL Server-SSIS, SSRS Creating an Integration Services Project, Basic SQL Server Data Tools features, Creating Integration Services Tasks, Creating connections to and from an Integration Services Package, Writing data to a SQL Server database, Executing a package from SQL Server Data Tools, Creating a Foreach Loop and map Variables, Controlling Data Flow for multiple Flat Files, Changing a Flat File Connection using Expressions, Changing command-line application arguments using Expressions, Change Data Capture(CDC) database objects, Preparing data for CDC and performing Incremental loading, Most Familiar Data Transformations concepts. 12000 2 Months
MYSQL DBMS, RDBMS, SQL, T-SQL, SQL Development, DBA 5000 2 Months
Oracle Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements, Restricting and Sorting Data, Single-Row Functions, Displaying Data from Multiple Tables, Aggregating Data Using Group Functions, Subqueries, Manipulating Data, Creating and Managing Tables, Including Constraints, Creating Views, Other Database Objects, Controlling User Access, SQL Workshop, Using SET Operators, Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause, Advanced Subqueries, Hierarchical Retrieval, Extensions to DML and DDL Statements. 12000 2 Months
Graphics Designing Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Indesign Introduction to Graphic Design Design Basics, Introduction to Typography, Color, Advanced Typography, Photography, Logotype Design Layout Design Design Systems I, Design Systems II, Preparing your Portfolio Get in touch with us 9000 6 Months
Computer Basics MS Windows, DOS, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, MS-Acccess, Outlook 4000 3 Months
Auto Cad Civil, Elec.& Mechanical Auto CAD Basics Working with Drawing Aids Editing Sketched Objects Text and Applications Working with Dimensions Blocks and Applications Working with Hatching Advanced CAD for 2D Plotting and Applications Isometric Practices Working with 3D Objects Modifying and Editing 3D Objects Solid, Mesh, Surface Modelling Rendering and Animating Designs Project (Assignment) Documentation 6000 2 Months
Angular JS Intro , Expressions , Modules , Directives , Model , Data Binding , Controllers , Scopes , Filters , Services , Http , Tables , Select , SQL , DOM , Events , Forms , Validation , API , W3.CSS , Includes , Animations , Routing , Application 8000 2 Months
Financial Accouting-Tally Introduction Of TAlly ERP 9 Accounting Management Inventory Management TAX Management GST (CGST, SGST, IGST) GST Reports (GSTR3B, GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3) GST Computation TDC, TCS Payroll Management BRS (Bank reconciliation statement) Stock Analysis and Reports Cash and Bank Reports Financial Reports Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Export & Import, Printing Reports 5000 2 Months
Hadoop Hadoop - Big Data Overview, Hadoop - Big Data Solutions, Hadoop - Introduction, Hadoop - Environment Setup, Hadoop - HDFS Overview, Hadoop - HDFS Operations, Hadoop - Command Reference, Hadoop - MapReduce, Hadoop - Streaming, Hadoop - Multi Node Cluster, Hadoop Useful Resources, Hadoop - Questions and Answers, Hadoop - Quick Guide, Hadoop - Useful Resources, Hadoop - Discussion 20000 2 Months
Basics SAS import and export raw data files manipulate and transform data combine SAS data sets create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors. Review the complete list of test content for this exam. 10000 2 Months
Advance SAS use advanced DATA step programming statements use efficiency techniques to solve complex problems write and interpret SAS SQL code create and use the SAS MACRO facility Review the complete list of test content for this exam. 10000 2 Months
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